Looking Forward To November on TV3

Showhouse Showdown is a brand new six part series airing on TV3’s Autumn from Tuesday October 3rd at 9pm. Two interior designers go head to head, making over a house each over the course of a week. The public will then come to view each house and voting for their favourite house, with the winner revealed at the end of each show. Each hour long episode will be dedicated to one development and broadcast in a prime ratings slot.

In addition to highlighting the beautifully done interiors of two Showhouses’ within the development, the new hour long version will also feature the following:

1.  The unique characteristics of the development.

2.  The amenities and lifestyle in the surrounding area, transport links, cafe cultures etc.

3.  The building market has changed and new technologies, resulting in more energy efficient homes will be highlighted. So this will be good for profile and sales with the show reflecting the lifestyle ambitions of the development and highlighting the positives

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